3 shots/ 2 on 1 back

Skills Used: Flow, Shooting, 2on1, Fun,

Form 3 lines at one end. Stagger players as they leave by forcing a delay until the player ahead crosses the close blue line. Player 1 carries a puck to the far blue line and takes a shot. After delaying, player 2, then player 3, also carry pucks to the far blue line and shoot. Once player 1 has shot, he pivots and becomes the D-man on the return. Players 2 & 3 receive a pass from coach and come back 2 on 1.
Keys: Shots only (NO DEKES) on the 1st phase. Stagger the shooters! Coach pass to player 3 to set up the 2 on 1. The next group goes after the 3rd player shoots.

Thanks To:
Drill submitted by:Mike Freeman
Coach Mike
H.A.C. Atom2 Voodoo Hawks,
Edmonton, Ab Canada