coquihala swing

Skills Used: Skating, Flow, Stick_Handling, Skill, Passing, Shooting, Goaltending, Breakouts, Conditioning, Fun,

I will explain one end but both ends start at the same time. #1 shoots the puck on the goalie then swings behind the net and picks another puck up, makes a turn in the corner where he passes off to #2, who has made a swing around the circle and receives the pass before the blue line #2 inturn makes a pass to #3 who has made a turn just below the blue line and will receive the pass from #2 before hitting the center red line. #3 the skates a few strides and takes a shot on the goalie then swings behind to pick up a puck and start #5 & #6 the other way. This drill is continuous.
Key points:
concentration, timing, good circles, good shots, good passes, acceleration, full speed when they have learned the drill, goaltender angles.
Remember to switch sides.

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Drill submitted by:McLellan Dave