Triangle Attack Drill

Position players as shown above in two lines.

1. First drill has one player skating to red line, flatting out across the red line receding pass from other line. As soon as the player makes the pass he leaves and does the same skate in the other direction.

2. Second progression two players leave ( second player skates lower across the blue line) with the second player receives the pass from the line and than passes to the first player who is skating the same pattern as in the first drill. Player one instead of shooting delays and hits the trailer who was the second player leaving with him.

3. Third progression same as step two. Except the player passing the puck becomes a third attack man. This makes the second skater drive to the net while the third player who passed the puck becomes the high man.

Great drill to practice the attack triangle.

Thanks to Arleigh Robar for his drill submissions.
Arleigh Robar
Sports Consulting Services
Adv II Canada Level Coach
St Margrets Bay Halifax NS
Bantam AAA