Net Jam Counter 2on 1

This is an excellent combo for elite level players. It is easily used in practices for 9A1s to high school/midget and junior.

this is also a drill that uses all three zones of the ice...each player in the drill has responsibilities in all three zones of the ice...many coaches and experts believe that as hockey evolves we must design more multi skill and combination drills that utilize the entire ice surface

Drill purposes:
* have forwards drive the net for rebounds
*have defenceman hold forwards from driving the net with appropriate stick and body positioning
*have goaltenders contain and control rebounds
*have forwards start an attack from the defensive zone utilizing 2on1
and/or 2on2 neutral zone and offensive zone attack options *have defencemen defend the neutral zone and offensive zone attacks

Drill: net jam counter 2on 1
Start: in one end have two Ds line up two stick lengths away from two Fs (positioned in the lot)
-coach or third forward stands in high slot with pucks
-have pucks for counter attack positioned at the top of one face-off circle
-on first whistle coach shoots puck at goal while Fs drive for rebound: Ds hold Fs from driving
-on second whistle Fs turn up ice and pick up puck from face-off circle and initiate attack towards other end
-neutral zones Ds pop in from red line to defend oncoming attack

There are many progressions and variations one could implement based on your team's needs

Thanks to Mark Bruce for his drill submissions.
Lorette, Manitoba
Head Coach:
Vincent Massey Trojans
Winnipeg High School Hockey League
Novice AA/AAA teams