3 Man Cycling Warm Up

Since the diagram is messy I will have to make the explanation good.

1)Black- Three skaters(X1,X2,X3) with pucks leave in a staggered start and proceed down the ice taking a long, low (warm up) shot on the goaltender.

2)Red- X1 continues to corner where he picks up a puck, X1 skates to the half boards and bumps the puck to X2 who has followed in a low support position. X1 proceeds to the slot as should be done while cycling. X1 proceeds to the slot while X2 skates up to the half boards and bumps the puck to X3 who has taken up the low support position. X1 would then go to low support, X2 to the slot and X3 can make a play depending on how many cycles the coach would like the players to complete.

Notes: Drill provides a good warmup for goaltenders.
Should be run out of both ends.
It is the responsibility of the players in line to ensure that there is a puck in the corner for the groups to cycle.
Coach's whistle starts groups.