The Old Philly Drill

Well, we've dredged up an old favorite for this week's drill. I still like to use this one because of the simplicity of it and the varitations that can be made to it.

It's a nice drill early in the practice when the goaltenders are still warming up and a nice one to get some short passes going. It works passing, skating, shooting, and left and right cross-overs, as well as other skills you may want to include by adding a variation.

Half the players in each end, lining up in opposite corners, starting at the side board hash marks. The first player in each line skates down his side and then curls around the bottom of the center ice face-off circle. He is hit with a pass by the next player in the other end and that player continues and curls in the opposite end to pick up his pass. Pretty simple.

Stop the drill after a few minutes and change sides.

Variations can include: Having two players go together to then go two-on-two or one on one, having the passes made off the boards, or you can add another player at each blue line for a second short give-and-go pass.

Defenseman can be added to create 3 on 1 or 3 on 2 situations.