Description: This drill is named Squirt since that is what the offensive player is trying to do...squirt out of either side of the designated area. Both players start against the boards with the checker already in contact with the offensive player. On the coaches command offensive player attempts to escape with puck. Defender attempts to control man and pin him successfully in the corner.

Cues: Offensively players should be encouraged to stay low , keep feet moving and execute quick directional change. Players must be coached to never turn to face the checker eye to eye rather they should keep body sideways. Players must also be told to never approach a puck in the corner straight on. Checker must be taught not to hit a man from behind and to control and pin a player by controlling his hips.

Puck Protection

Description: This drill is an offensive players tactic. Players start a few feet from puck placed on dot. Offensive player uses his body to prevent checker from getting to the puck. Offensive player may touch puck but may not move it off of face off dot. Coach contols drill (trial) length.

Cues: Checker should be encouraged to use skating technique to reach puck. Offensive player should use split vision on puck and body to control man.

Thanks to Malcolm Sutherland for his weekly drill submissions.

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