Puck Pass

X1 passes puck to X2 then skates hard to end of line 2. Once X2 receives the pass he then passes to X3 and X2 skates hard to end of line 1. X3 receives the pass and quickly passes back to X4 and so on. Each pass is made while stationary and is received while stationary.

Learning skills
Puck control, passing quickly and keeping head up, “give-and-go”. Have 3-6 players in each line. Concentrate on ensuring player receives pass with feet in proper position and cradles the puck to be in position to make a quick pass back. Once players have mastered this the momentum will be very quick and players will have learned a lot about passing and taking the pass to be in proper position to either shoot or pass.

If you do this drill each practice for 5-10 minutes I guarantee it will pay off better than any drill you have used n the past.

Thanks to Rick Moule for his drill submissions.
Rick Moule
Coach & Trainer, OMHA, MTHL