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FAQ for BuyerBucket

Why do you call it BuyerBucket?
As agents, you all carry around your bucket of buyers trying to find them a home. Once you pull one out and sell them a home, you have space for another buyer to help. Our goal is to get all of your buyers out of your “BuyerBucket” and into homes as fast as possible so you can close more transactions and therefore make more money.

How many buyers can I upload to my account?
As many as you can find! The site works best when there are as many buyers as possible. Just like you put all of your listings on the MLS, make sure you upload all of your buyers. The more exposure they get to the marketplace, the better quality home they’ll get. Wouldn’t it be nice if sellers and listing agents were fighting over your best buyers?

How is this different from the MLS? First of all, this is a platform that is exclusive to real estate agents to share their buyers with each other. You will not see any listings on the site because we are not a home listing service. Also, unlike the MLS, we give listing agents a way to “pitch” their listings to anonymous buyer’s agents and rate them based on how compatible they are for each other. Finally, our certifying program is different from anything offered on the market today.

Why won’t an agent just steal my buyer once they find a listing for them?
Because the only one who knows your buyer’s name is you! To the rest of the agents, it is just known as a buyer with an ID number. No need to worry about an agent taking a client away from you.

How does your rating system work?
When you upload a buyer, BuyerBucket notifies every agent in the area that has chosen to be alerted of buyers just like yours. Once they submit a prospective listing for your buyer to use, we will then take the features that are most important to your buyer and calculate a score based on what features are in the home. The result will show you how good the property matches your buyer’s criteria, so you can save the time it takes to go through each home’s information separately

What’s a deal-breaker?
A deal-breaker is the feature that your buyer just can’t live without - and if they don’t get it, they won’t buy it. This could be a school zone, a private lot with trees, or anything your buyer can think up. There are no wrong answers here, so if your buyer can’t buy a house without it facing North, put it in there!

Why hasn’t this been done before?
The real estate industry has evolved and so have the agents in it. No longer do you list a house, throw it on the MLS, and wait for unrepresented buyers to call you so you can get a full commission. Now most of the time, buyers are being represented by their own agent. But unfortunately, most of our real estate tools are focused on home listings. BuyerBucket has set out to focus exclusively on what the buyer really wants rather than just home listings.

What’s so special about having a certified buyer?
We all know that pre-approval letters are usually worthless. BuyerBucket will take your buyer through the same underwriting process that a lender would pre-contract. So when you’ve found a home, you can attach a certification showing your buyer has serious credentials that are guaranteed to check out, or their sellers are compensated.

How much will BuyerBucket give the seller if my buyer can’t get financing?
If in the unfortunate and rare case that your buyer’s financing falls through last minute, we will compensate the seller the amount of your buyer’s earnest money up to $2,000.

How long does it take for a buyer to be certified?
That really depends on how fast your buyer can get us the necessary information. It’s very similar to a mortgage underwriting process, but we do it all up front before a contract is in place. This way, you are ready to go when you get under contract and probably can close a lot sooner! But on average, it will take 1-2 weeks to become BuyerBucket certified.

Does it cost extra to get my buyer’s certified?
No! This is a service included in your monthly subscription. We want the highest quality buyers on our site, and as long as your buyer is willing to complete the underwriting requirements, it is completely free.

Do all buyers have to be BuyerBucket Certified?
No, not all buyers are required to be certified, and not all buyers will meet all of the criteria to become certified.

What happens when a Certified Buyer gets turned down for a mortgage?
We will write a check to the homeowner for the lost earnest money up to $2,000.

What are your prices?
We start you off with the best price, free! After 30 days of trying us out and seeing our value in your business, we will start you on a recurring monthly charge of only $25 per month for unlimited buyer uploads and certifications.

Who is BuyerBucket? ?
We are just like you! BuyerBucket was created by agents for agents. Founded by Greg Cooley, principal broker of Chateau Properties in Franklin,TN, we are on a mission to help agents serve their clients better by finding their sellers buyers that appreciate their unique homes, or find their buyer a house they've been dreaming about.

Is BuyerBucket Nationwide?
No, currently we are just in Nashville,TN. BuyerBucket is powerful because of its focus on local real estate professionals working together. As we grow, we will be launching in other markets across the US.

What areas does BuyerBucket serve?
Currently we are serving the Middle Tennessee region. If you would like BuyerBucket to consider your city next, fill out the form below and let us know!

I’m a listing agent, how would I use BuyerBucket?
BuyerBucket is a powerful listing agent tool. Now you can go to your listing appointments with confidence knowing how many buyers are in the market looking for a home just like theirs. Also, you can add alerts for pocket listings or current listings so that when a buyer is uploaded to the system you can directly pitch your property to that buyer’s agent to target your marketing efforts to buyers who actually might be interested in the home you’re putting in front of them.

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